“Never Look Back. I live my life always going forward.”

       Jessie Camacho

Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Jessie and her family moved to Orlando, Florida when she was in high school. Upon earning her Criminal Justice degree, she spent six years in law enforcement- shout out to first responders.

Always up for an adventure, Jessie participated on CBS’s Survivor Africa. Although the million dollar prize eluded her, extensive traveling after the show allowed her to experience new cultures and different music genres. Jessie returned from Africa to host a weekly music show on Telemundo for eight years from Miami to Mexico and finally settling in Los Angeles.

Jessie started her acting career once she settled in to LA and quickly landed an undercover cop role earning her SAG-AFTRA membership. Previous projects include the Forgotten, Reno 911, Bloodline and Emily the Criminal.

When not on set Jessie is an avid gardener and photographer. You can also find her outdoors running on the beach, mountain biking with her family or hiking throughout Vermont.


Jessie Camacho speaks English and Spanish. She is a former police officer with firearms experience.

She loves to dance and enjoys outdoor activities such as horseback riding, jet skis, rollerblading, running, tennis, volleyball, fishing and more.